The World Flute Trio is Carl Dimow on western flutes, Nicole Rabata on wooden Irish flute, and Phil Nyokai James on Japanese bamboo shakuhachi flute.


One of New England's most unusual performing ensembles, the World Flute Trio presents solo and ensemble flute music that explores three different musical traditions. From the dance rhythms and emotional intensity of eastern European Klezmer music to the lilting and soaring melodies of Ireland to the meditative sounds of the Japanese bamboo shakuhachi, the World Flute Trio promises an evening that is as educational as it is mesmerizing.

All three performers are recognized masters of their instruments who share a love of world music. In addition to solos, the Trio weaves some unique ensemble pieces out of the varying sonorities of their instruments and the sometimes surprising similarities of their musical traditions.

The World Flute Trio is available for concerts in a wide variety of venues, from festivals and concert halls to galleries and schools. If you are interested in booking us, please email